Te Manu Ora NZ

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Te Manu Ora NZ Programs

Tangata Wairua : 
Is our biggest  program and Not for the faint hearted.
This consists of the following, however they are not in the order that we teach them. 

Ko Wai Au:
 Who are you? You aren't a victim of others insistence of who what you should be.

 How do use word to communicate with yourself and others.

 Without the two in alignment, you could be running in circles.

Stilling the mind: 
This requires strict discipline, learning to cut the noise out from the world around enabling you to focus on YOU.

How and when to do these are an important part of your journey, bringing calming peace to mind and soul.

Connection of and to self:
 This is where we assist you to align and connect all outcomes of self, mind, body & soul.

Tihei Mauri Ora/ The breath of life:
 Here we look at your life as a whole, your strengths and weakness, created by you that you have either learnt, or hereditary passed down through your ancestors/whakapapa.)  

Manu Tioriori/ Brave warrior: 
 Anti violence. Teaching you to communicate, to be heard & hear others.  Being proactive NOT reactive. Owning your feelings, not others and communicating them safely. Learning your trigger points.


All programs in 

Tangata Wairua 

are also taught as 

individual programs.

 These artaught over 2, 

4  or 6 wananga. 

A wananga is where you come 

stay, and learn as a group 

from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. 

at our own private Venue, 

situated in rural Waikato. 

While we have a Maori 

foundation we welcome 

all cultures who wish 

to learn and empower